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All quotes provided by ARTVIET are tax included and are valid offers. The validity period is only for 14 (Fourteen) calendar days from the day the quotes were generated. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all quoted items meet all requirements the customer has, prior to accepting the quotation. All quotes are subject to our Invoice and payment terms indicated on this website.



Quotes generally are presented with two payment schemes presented at the bottom of the document. On acceptance of the quote, an invoice is emailed to the customers with the selected payment terms:

Payment terms

Either the customers pay 25% (twenty five percent) of the invoice amount to have their project started on ARTVIET's server with the balance paid in full to checkout the work on completion.

Or pay in full the invoice amount so that the work could be started on the customers' server at the earliest convenience.

No cancellation will be accepted if not in a written or electronically written form. Refunds are provided only for cancellation submitted prior to the commencement of the project. Credits / exceptions could be provided to a specific customer should it be agreed to in writing by ARTVIET to do so.

Payment methods

Generally quotes with a specified amount (Tax included) are presented as a payment web form with a link / pay now button which directs the customers to a Secure Order form to complete their payment with a PCI compliant Direct Payment Services supported and managed by BeanStream Payment Solutions.

Customers may also choose to provide ARTVIET with their personal and credit card information so that the payment could be performed on their behalf using secure BeanStream Web Terminal.

Quotes could also be paid by cheque to ARTVIET at the mentioned address - Only certified cheques are accepted.


ArtViet is committed to provide best service to its customers. Any written or electronically written request, acceptance of quote for any service by a customer (potential or return customer) will be considered as a valid "request for service" and the customer may be held liable for any cost incurred in providing this service under our standard rates and terms and conditions. It is the customers responsibility to cancel any such requests with ArtViet in writing prior to the commencement of the project.